At The Nail Belle our primary core value is to re-invest in our community. All of The Nail Belle's employees live in Bed-Stuy, love Bed-Stuy and are committed to seeing it flourish. By embracing our neighbors and doing ethical business we spread love, cause that's the Brooklyn way. From age 1 to 100 we serve all. How do we do that? Glad you asked!

The Nail Belle offers free in-home nail care services to home-bound senior citizens. We believe that healing can occur through touch so we are thrilled to share our gifts with the elderly. There is no age too old to want to feel pampered and pretty so we bring that experience into their home. Although, there is oe thing we have learned working with this population, they LOVE red nails so don't ever show up without it! It's true, red IS timeless.

In addition to our senior program we have been blessed to provide nearly 150 free healthy lunches for neighborhood kids since our opening May 2016. Neighborhood kids know that The Nail Belle is a safe place where they will be treated with respect and listened to. We have amassed such a following of children age 5-13 that we have nicknamed them the "Jr. Nail Belle Team". The Jr. team is tasked with window washing, sidewalk sweeping and trash collection, for which they are paid a meager wage. But even greater than a salary, we are teaching them work ethic and providing an alternative to street corners.

Further to our commitment to neighborhood youth, good report cards are rewarded with a free manicure or pedicure.

At The Nail Belle we want our clients to equate their doing business with us as seed planting. The Nail Belle is good ground and is honored to be part of the Village that it takes to raise a child.  

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